Issue #28, Page 15: The Rock of Eternity

©1999 DC Comics. All Rights Reserved.

by Grant Morrison, Howard Porter & John Dell
Issue #28, page 15: The Rock of Eternity
Graphite and ink on board
Signed by Grant Morrison
11" x 17"

Grant Morrison built a career revitalizing books on the brink of cancellation. So who better to revamp the Justice League of America?

By the mid 90s, sales on various Justice League spin-off books were low, so DC Comics decided to revamp the league as a single team. Grant Morrison decided that a team of titans including Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter and the Flash should really only concern themselves with earth-shattering, highest-priority threats that would require their joint efforts. JLA under the creative team of Grant Morrison, Howard Porter and John Dell established a widescreen approach to superhero action that rapidly became the industry standard. It's hard to calculate whether or not books like The Authority and The Ultimates would have ever existed if not for the influence of Morrison's JLA. The series became DC's best selling title, never falling further than 6th among all published comics while Morrison wrote it.

Issue #28 is the beginning of the Crisis Times Five storyline (collected in the Justice For All graphic novel), in which Captain Marvel joins cosmic powerhouses Superman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Spectre, Hourman, and others to avert inter-dimensional chaos. This story can be seen as a direct predecessor to Morrison's Final Crisis, as many of the seeds for that landmark, companywide crossover were planted back here. This page is one of the few in the Grant Morrison cannon that mixes his two great loves: costumed superheroes and chaos magick. Weirdness is definitely a Morrison trademark, nowhere more so than in his non-caped comic work, The Invisibles, but here he uses the very staples of superhero lore to dissect the God concept. In the page above, Captain Marvel, himself a magically powered superhero, discovers a multi-plane threat of supernatural origin straight out of the Zohar, referencing a Djinn War in Heaven. This is indicative of the wide berth DC comics allowed Grant late in his run on their tent-pole super team title. Even so, moments like this one were rare, making this page a quintessential Morrison, Porter & Dell collaboration.


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