Issue #1, Pages 46 & 47: Full Team Double Page Splash with JFK

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Teen Titans
©2008 DC Comics. All Rights Reserved.

by Bob Haney, Jay Stephens & Mike Allred
Issue #1, Pages 46 & 47:
Full Team Double Page Splash
with JFK in Elseworld Scenario
Graphite and ink on board
Signed by Mike Allred
22" x 17"

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Originally planned as an Elseworlds Special in 2003, the Teen Titans Lost Annual finally saw print in 2008 –four year’s after the author’s death. Original series creator Bob Haney’s script was brought to life by mod wunderkinds Jay Stephens & Mike Allred as one of the truly great posthumously published superhero stories.

Set in 1963 and featuring themes and issues relevant to that point in time, the working title of this amazing throwback tale was Teen Titans Swingin’ Special. The book’s clear anti-war statement and the appearance of JFK as a main character may or may not have contributed to the project being shelved for half a decade. It had only been a few years since Allred’s work on Marvel’s X-Force with writer Peter Milligan generated more controversy than intended by featuring the recently deceased Princess Diana as a main character. In 2003, Teen Titans was a top franchise title for DC, with multiple monthly comics and a successful animated program aimed at younger viewers. The inherent weirdness of Bob Haney’s surreal script and it’s setting outside of regular continuity clearly gave DC editors the willies. Artists Jay Stephens (Tutenstein, Land of Nod) and Mike Allred (Madman, X-Statix) championed the publication of the issue after Haney’s death. Having faced the unique challenge of suppressing their natural drawing styles enough to make the book look 'right' for 1963, neither wanted to see the book languish in limbo and both felt strongly that Haney would have been proud of the finished work.

Pages 46 & 47 are the climax of the story, featuring the whole team of Teen Titans on a double page splash with inserts of the JFK assassination and the big reveal. By making Kennedy a participant in the drama, the collectibility is exponentially increased. This combination of story, character and culture elements make this particular page unlike any other: post-millennium sophistication rendered in a classic, pop art style by fan-favorite artists realizing a dream project. Groovy, indeed!


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