Issue #35, Page 12: Yorick, Ampersand & Captain Belleville (Girl on Girl conclusion)

Y The Last Man
© 2005 Brian K. Vaughn and Pia Guerra. All Rights Reserved.

Y: THE LAST MAN (2005)
by Brian K. Vaughn & Goran Sudzuka
Issue #35, Page 12: Yorick, Ampersand & Captain Belleville
Girl on Girl conclusion
Graphite and ink on board
11" x 17"

In 2002, Brian K. Vaughn imagined a world without men –or a rather a world with only one man and his pet monkey. Presenting society no better under female rule than male, Y: The Last Man connected heavily with both genders...

Brian K. Vaughn is best known for two things: he was a principle writer on the television show Lost in seasons 4 and five (for which he and his team was nominated for two Writers Guild of America Awards for Best Dramatic Series), and as creator of Y: The Last Man. Those two credits would be plenty for most, but Vaughn also wrote the incredibly original Pride of Bagdad, the tremendously satisfying Ex-Machina, and helped reclaim the youth market at Marvel with the manga influenced Runaways. His gift at telling sophisticated stories for various age ranges has often met with both critical acclaim and marketplace success.

Y: The Last Man follows the predicament of the only man left alive after the instant, simultaneous deaths of every male mammal –excepting our hero and his pet monkey. This unexplained plague whipes out every other y chromosome on the planet, including stored and frozen embryos, fertilized eggs, and sperm. Planes crash, machinery malfunctions and society collapses as the men responsible for operating and maintaining them are struck dead and the women left behind must cope with survivor guilt and the impending doom of human extinction. In the new domain of women, the world's only man is little more than a prize to be captured, bartered and use.

In addition to nominations for Best Continuing Series and Best Serialized Story, in 2005, Brian K. Vaughn won the Best Writer Eisner Award, for Y: The Last Man and his other comic book assignments, Ultimate X-Men, Runaways, and Ex-Machina. The following year he was declared "Comic's Best Writer" by Wizard Magazine, and nominated for five more Eisners, including Best Serialized Story for Y: The Last Man. Vaughn's subsequent work on the series won him a Best Ongoing Series Esiner in 2008, and a nomination for the Hugo Award for Best Graphic Story in 2009. With the Girl on Girl storyline, Goran Sudzuka, a previous winner of the 2001 Russ Manning Promising Newcomer trophy at that year's Eisner Awards, pencilled his first run on the series, which continued through 2007.

This page features the characters that fans and collectors want on any original Y:The Last Man series art: Yorick Brown (the titular last man), and his pet monkey, Ampersand. Each is featured in multiple angles with a character unique to the plot of the serialized story from which this page comes; Captain Belleville. The Girl on Girl story has thus far been reprinted in at least two bound editions, and as soon as the movie is released, is sure to be reprinted ad infinitum. While not a superhero series per se, Y: The Last Man is a prime example of heroic fiction in the post Vertigo era, and remained a best selling series throughout the length of the series run from 2002 - 2008.


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