Issue #49, Cover: Widowmaker, Conclusion

Punisher: MAX
© 2007 Marvel Characters, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

by Garth Ennis & Tim Bradstreet
Punisher #49, Cover: Widowmaker conclusion
Graphite and ink on board
Signed by Tim Bradstreet
11" x 17"

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Garth Ennis' nine-year run on Punisher broke every rule you could break in comics...

When Garth Ennis took the reigns on Hellblazer back in 1991, the proverbial imp came out of the bottle and it's never gone back inside. In the second half of that run, he began a collaboration with artist (and fellow Irishman) Steve Dillon that forever blurred the lines between "mature" and "over the top." Their landmark series Preacher paved the way for their future collaboration on Marvel's tentpole anti-hero, The Punisher. Editor-in-chief Joe Quesada lured the fan-fave scribe by offering him free reign on the character under the newly christened Marvel Knights imprint (and the soon-to-be launched "for mature audiences" imprint MAX) for as long as he cared to write it. The team created a 12-issue mini-series, followed by a 37-issue unlimited series with a handful of one-shots, specials, mini-series and crossovers contiuning Ennis' creative guidance of the character. Ennis used the freedom of the MAX imprint to write more realistic and hard-edged stories than had previously been seen, and when he departed the title following the 65th issue, the series was renamed. One constant among all of these issues was Tim Bradstreet's cover art, which was a tremendous influence upon the look and even casting of the Punisher War Zone movie.

In the Widowmaker story arc, five women linked by obsession get payback for the tragedy that Frank Castle (the Punisher) has caused them via the murders of their husbands. The finale to this story represents the grimmest depth this series (and possibly any other series) ever delved. A tale of woe, regret and defeat that reigns among the greatest Punisher tales, this is the only cover of any of Garth Ennis' issues to not depict Frank Castle. It is also the only time in regular continuity that anyone else has worn the punisher's costume and gear. The consequences of the events in this single issue were long term and deeply felt.


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